———————————————————————ABOUT US———————————————————————

WeInTrade is developed and operated by:
Beijing Easytrade International Trade Co., Ltd, which is a subsidiary of XBN .

XBN is a professional cross border e-commerce service provider. In 2015, XBN was awarded the tile of “China’s model e-commerce company”.

The new developed WeInTrade is dedicated to be one of
the most reliable sourcing agencies in China.

We make it fast, simple and cost-effective to purchase in China for small and medium enterprises around the world.

We are a local Chinese team with more than 500 employees. We have a deep knowledge and a vast database of all kinds of suppliers, thus we can always help our clients to save both time and money when importing from China

We are also an international team, we have staff from Spain, Russia, USA, Ghana and other countries, so we can act as a bridge connecting our clients with Chinese suppliers.


Sourcing veterans from diverse industries
Vast database of more than 360,000 suppliers
Multi-languages service
Full range of risk control mechanism
Strong cooperation with local authorities
Flexible partnership with Chinese banks


Business License

Organization Credit Code Certificate

Permit for Medical Device
Operation Enterprises

AEO Certificate

High-Tech Enterprise Certificate

Zhongguancun High-Tech
Enterprise Certificate

Membership of BECA Division of
Cross-border Electronics Committee

Category A Enterprise Recognized
by General Administration of
Customs of China


Easytrade has procured insurance from Sinosure, China's biggest export and credit insurance company, for obtaining the guarantee for all the transactions with our customers around the world.

With this insurance policy, the risks of international business will
be reduced, including commercial and political risks, such as:

• The buyer is bankrupt or unable to make the payment

• The buyer refuses to claim the cargo at the destination port

• The bank is bankrupt where the buyer opens their L/C

• The buyer’s country issues a policy to forbid the import of the products

• The payment cannot be made in the agreed currency due to the new regulation of the buyer’s country

Insurance Agreement


Headquarter: Huashang Creative Center, Keyuan Road No. 18, Daxing District, Beijing, China

Local Service Centres

Oversea Service Centres