Automotive & Parts

After decades of cooperation with international companies, Chinese auto manufacturers started to access to international market with high quality and low price products, and their export volume has increased year by year.

The categories we offer include :

Auto, Scooter, Truck, Motorcycle, Vehicle Tools, Bikes, Parts & Accessories

Construction & decoration

Chinese building materials have varied a lot in different periods of History. Along with the international trade development, high quality and low-cost have become the new traits of Chinese building materials.

The categories we offer include :

Bathroom & Kitchen, Sand & Stone, Tiles & Flooring, Doors & Windows, Finished Building Materials, Structural Building Materials, Furniture

Machinery,Industrial Equipment&tools

Machinery is the backbone industry in China´s modern development. It is closely tied with large - scale production and hi-technology. For the current decades, Chinese machinery industry has become a new name-card of Chinese innovation. More great machinery manufactures are blooming in the market and gaining market share worldwide.

The categories we offer include :

Machinery & Accessories, Hydraulic & Pneumatic, General Mechanical Components, Power & Transmission, Welding & Solder, Tools, Hardware

General merchandise

General Merchandise in China has had a comprehensive competitive advantage and developed strongly for many years, exporting to more than 200 countries and regions worldwide, accounting for nearly 40% of the international market.

The categories we offer include :

Gifts & Toys, Sports, Stationery, Kitchenware & Bedding, Lighting, Bathroom & Other, Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

Consumer electronics

Due to the large amount of mobile users, the market share of 3C products has been growing fast. 80% of mobile phone accessories in the global market are from China. The reasons that Chinese 3C products are taking the biggest share of the market is not only due to the huge quantities, but also to the good quality. So we can expect a promising future.

The categories we offer include :

Audio & Video Devices, Digital Devices, Household Electrical Appliances, Professional & Office Electronics, Cables, Video Game & Accessories, Parts & Accessories

Food,Beverage & Agriculture

China is an agricultural country with more than 1.3 billion population. As reported by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce in 2016, the export volume of Chinese agricultural products amounts to 72.61 billion US dollars, with a year-on-year growth rate of 3.5%. Asia, Europe and North America are the top 3 markets in the world. In the list of export products, the top 3 are seafood, vegetables, fruits and nuts.

The categories we offer include :

Farm machinery & equipment, Garden Tools, Agrochemicals, Fruits & Vegetables, Vegetable Oil & Animal Fat, Grain Products, Nuts & Seeds

Electrical & Telecom

The electrical and electronic industry in China has enjoyed a rapid development with the invention of innovative technologies in the past 20 years, and is becoming a most flourishing and extremely diversified sector consisting of manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, retailers, electrical engineers, electricians and electronic equipment manufacturers.

The categories we offer include :

Electronic Components, Electrical Equipment, Electrical equipment, Telecommunication Equipment, Security & Protection , Industrial Control Systems, Parts & Accessories

Steel,Chemical & energy

With the rapid modernization of economy, construction, infrastructure and manufacturing industries have developed over several decades and have become a pillar of Chinese export trade.

The categories we offer include :

Flat Steel Materials, Long Steel Materials, Wires, Non-Metallic Materials, Mining & Metallurgy Machinery, Energy, Chemicals