1. Quotes from Selected Suppliers

- Once you provide the product specifications you need, we will study them and work out all key points, in order to deliver a correct and complete information to the potential factories. - Our sourcing specialists will work out a shortlist of suitable factories from our database of suppliers, according to your requirements.
- We will provide you with the product quotations from those factories.
- If samples are necessary, we will provide the samples upon your specifications within the agreed time schedule.

2. Production Management & Quality Inspection

- In many cases, we will go to the factories to check the latest progresses and ensure they meet the production schedule. - When production is completed, we will conduct the quality inspection according to the checking list you provide, and submit the report to you for your check and approval.

3. Shipping Arrangement

- We have experience in LCL and FCL shipping, and work closely with shipping forwarders to ensure the goods are boarded in time and will undergo customs procedures smoothly.