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Electric Tools

Electric Tools

Hand Tools

Hand Tools

Hoisting Tools

Hoisting Tools

Peneumatic Tools

Peneumatic Tools

Garden Tools

Garden Tools

Measuring and Cutting Tool

Measuring and Cutting Tool

Mapping Tools

Mapping Tools

Pipe Tools

Pipe Tools

Spraying Tools

Spraying Tools

Hydraulic Tools

Hydraulic Tools

Tool Accessories

Tool Accessories

Tool Consumables

Tool Consumables

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A Professional Team

International, multi-cultural staff with over 10 years working experience.

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High quality products with competitive prices. Cost-effectiveness is our goal.

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We offer customer-oriented services by efficient communications.

Government Support

We have established strong relationships with local government agencies, ensuring fast and smooth customs processes.


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    Sales Manager

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Electric Tools

Angle grinder

Electric hammer

Electric pick

Blowing machine

Marble Sawing Machine

Percussion drill

Magnetic drill

Electric wrench

Electric mixer

Electric scissors

Electric chain saw

Electric grinder

Electric planer

Electric circular saw

Engraving machine

Mitre saw

Slotting machine

Polishing machine

Jig Saw

Hot air gun

Belt grinding machine

Water drill

Reciprocating saw

Trimming machine

Other E-power tools

Hand tools




Striking tools

Trim tools

Electric tools


Combination tools

Hoisting tools

Pallet truck

Lifting belts

Steel rope




Rope clip

Cargo lashing

Mechanical jack

Steel plate hook

Hoist crane




Hand winch

Mechanical jack

Fixed pulley

Load clamp

Pneumatic tools

Air tank

Pneumatic grinder

Air pick


Pneumatic tool

Pneumatic hammer

Pneumatic grease gun

Pneumatic pull riveter gun

Pneumatic grinder

Pneumatic drill

Nail gun

Garden tools

Lawn mower

Other garden tools

Chain saw

Garden shears

Pipe tools

Beveling machine

Thread rolling machine

Hydraulic test pump

Electronic hydraulic pipe bender

Grooving machine

Pipe tongs

Pipe cutter

Die head threading machine


Chain tongs

Pipe cutting machine

hand hydraulic pipe bender

Pipe bender

Pressure clamp

Mapping tools

Horizontal line of cross line

Level gauge


Laser range finder

Detecting instrument

Ranging rope

Engineering caliper

Aluminium alloy post

Dividing ruler

Gradienter tripod

Hydraulic tools

Hydraulic clamp

Hydraulic puncher

Rebar shearing machine

Hand hydraulic bender

Spraying Tools


Rolling Brush

Spray Gun

Coating Machine

Measuring & Cutting Tool

Tape Measure

vernier caliper

Leveling Instrument

Straight & Angle Square Steel Ruler


Dial indicator


Depth Indicator

Height Gauge

Feeler Gauge

Magnetic Base

Steel Bit

Reamer & File

Woodworking Knife

Screw Tap

Milling cutter

Circular die

Twist Bit

Drill Bushing

Plasterer & Carpenter Tools


Putty Knife

Cement shovel

Scraper Blade


Ink Marker


Hand Saw



Mortar Board

Bricklaying Trowel

Plumb Bod

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